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some important information about our btc doubler

BTC Doubler - how to double my Bitcoins?

Double your BTC is simple, please use deposit form on our main btc doubler site.
After making deposit your transaction will visible on our website in about 2 hours.

This Portal operate only in cryptocurrency!

Any transactions are made using cryptocurrency. We don't offer financial services.
It's important informtion for all our clients.

How double profit is achieved in up to 100 hours?

You invest in network Bitcoin hash power. Service is similar to crowd funding connected with cryptocurrency
mining (not only Bitcoin!) - you buy short term minning contract with profit. So you receive doubled bitcoins.

What are deposit limits?

Minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC and maximum deposit is 4 BTC. Deposits < 0.004 may not be credited.
Some extra satoshi may apper in your deposit for verification purpose.

What cryptocurrency we mine?

For this time we are focused on BTC, ETH, LTC and some new crypto currency algorithms.

What is actual network hash rate power?

Network hash power is not fxed, for example the Bitcoin network hash rate you can check here - chart is updated frequently.

How long does it take get investment profit? (Doubler investment time)

It is about 100 hours from your deposit confirmation time (pay out usually takes 20-50 minutes).

Why deposits are not shown after transaction is complete?

For security resons all deposits need to have minimum 6 network confirmations, some deposits are verified manually (this process takes extra time). Manual verification also takes place when you make multiple deposits in short term time and only some of them you paid (e.g. you make some mistake in address, amount etc.).
Before making any deposit double check amount, wallet adress and e-mail.

Why you need to provide e-mail and nickname (or name)?

E-mail is required for confirmations and transaction information.
Name or nickname identifies you as our visitor. We don't share your e-mail for 3rd parties.

Why do you see that transaction is paid but you don't see confirmation in your wallet?

It depends from bitcoin network overload. If you don't recieve your profit back in 24 hours
please contact us.
Some deposits and withdrawals may be rounded up (always with more profit to You) for faster withdrawals.

Can we increase deposit limits?

Maximum deposit limit is 4 BTC
You can still make a few smaller investments in 1-2 hour intervals.

Do we accept fiat currency?

No. We only operate in cryptocurrency. And we treat it as open source form of investing in coins.

Do we charge any fee for using our website?

No. Any fees (such network transaction fees) are refunded from mined cryptocurrency and paid by us.

What for is Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

It is some kind of pints that are used in internet, cryptocurrency cannot be never treated as real money!


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